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Our Summer Line up




Delights on the Truck

Sweet Cherry Varieties Grown In the Okanagan Valley varieties like Bing, Van, Lapin and more.

Ask whats on the truck! A little FUN FRUIT FACT: The first cherry trees in the Okanagan were planted in the late 1800's, and as the fruit industry grew, so did the varieties.

Ask whats on the truck



 Summer Delights on the Truck

The most famous Okanagan BC fruit is peaches. They harvest at overlapping times of the summer, beginning in early July. FUN FRUIT FACT: Peaches are classed according to how strongly the flesh of the fruit "clings" to the peach pits when it is ripe. Come see whats on the Truck.


Valley Corn

One of the freshest Delights on the Truck

Generally begins mid-July with Peaches-n-Cream variety followed by  famous sweet Jubilee about two weeks later. Our corn is ALWAYS picked locally and sold fresh weekly. Come see whats on the truck.



One of the freshest Summer Delights on the Truck

Similar to peaches, nectarines are rich and sweet in taste. The word nectarine means “sweet as nectar” and is great for a fresh summer snack. FUN FRUIT FACT:There is some misconception that nectarines are a cross between a peach and a plum, but this is not the case. Its actually a cross between a peach and apricot.

Italian Prune Plum

Okanagan Valley Favorite

Heritage Italian prune plums are medium in size with a classic blue skin with a more firm flesh. This variety is outstanding for canning or dehydrating. We have been working with many growers through out our 20+ years to bring the sweetest Very popular variety.

Fraser Valley


Colorful and sweet packed with essentials

Okanagan Harvest and Okanagan Sunset Produce get our carrots that are grown in sandier soils of the upper Fraser Valley, which produces a long and flavorful carrot that is bright in color and clean in appearance.

Come see what on the truck.

Fraser Valley

Our growers put natural power in every berry.

Hot summer days and cool nights power BC blueberries with the perfect combination of sweet and tart taste. All our Fraser Valley blueberry's  are handled with exceptional care to ensure optimum product quality and high food safety standards.

 Okanagan  Plums

A sweet delight from summer

There are more than 10 varieties of plums grown here in the Valley, and they are generally available from the beginning of August until the end of September. We carry fresh Okanagan Plums when in perfect season.

Come see us at the truck

Okanagan Garlic

We have the Beauty's

In British Columbia garlic is mostly planted in the fall and harvested the next summer. There are two types of garlic growing in British Columbia hard neck and soft neck and we always have the best when in season

Come see with on the truck.

Okanagan Field Tomatoes

Okanagan Sun kissed Goodness

Since the tomatoes are grown out in a field and exposed to the elements, you get so many variations in size, shape and color, and we think they're beautiful this way! They're just plain delicious! Nothing compares to a Okanagan field grown, sun kissed tomato in the summer time and we have em'

Come see our Variety's today.



Maximize your Health

Our BC grown Local Mixed Peppers are crisp and flavorful. The colors come mostly from their maturity level. Typically, a pepper starts green (the green bell pepper) and matures into one of the many variety of colors. We carry jalapeno peppers when in season

Come see what we got!

Okanagan Apples

Maximize your happy!

Okanagan summer apple varieties harvested in July and August are generally classed as 'early summer' or 'summer' The main difference between summer apples and fall apples is keeping quality. And although summer apples have shorter storage life and tend to be less crisp, it certainly doesn't compromise flavor or nutritional value!



Lisa and Rob are in various locations along highway 16 and rotating weekly, Take a look on the map to see where we are all the time.

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